She gave up her freedom to protect her family. He will do anything to set her free.

Halcyon Cantio has a mission–protect the innocent from the reckless selfishness of the gods. When a woman imprisoned by the Order of Talos helps him evade death, Hal won’t stop until he frees her. The last thing he expected was to be so powerfully drawn to her. Or that when he enlists his brothers to help, they will be swept into a conspiracy against magic that is so dark, even warriors gifted with power from the gods may not be able to fight their way out.

Robin Murphy gave up her chance at freedom to save innocent lives. She doesn’t dare to hope that she’ll be rescued, especially not by a winged warrior so brave and handsome she yearns to belong to him alone. As they work together to break the dark cabal, her connection with Hal grows stronger by the day. In his protection, a new side of her emerges. Does Robin herself hold the key to their success…and his heart?

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