When Valentina sees a body on the side of the road, the last thing she expected is for it to be an alpha shifter. She has two choices: wait with him for a cleaner to arrive or take him back to her pack’s estate. Once he wakes she realizes an important but unsettling fact: he isn’t a born shifter. Someone turned him.

Being kidnapped was not something Elijah had ever thought would happen to him, but it did. He doesn’t know by whom, or why, and that pisses him off. When his memories return they become mixed up with ones that don’t belong to him. Now, he’s forced to rely on the alpha, Valentina, to show him the shifter ropes, and help him figure out what happened. The only thing he wants to do is see if Valentina tastes as sweet as she looks.

Enemies emerge and tensions run high. Will the two alphas be able to keep their hands off each other long enough to figure out who is turning humans? Or will they end up turning on each other instead?

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