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As a Fury, Ben takes the souls in need of punishment to the Underworld where they can be tormented for eternity. When Hades calls with an assignment, he doesn’t hesitate to take it. The last thing he expects is for it to lead him to a woman he would defy a god to protect.

Fiona keeps her head down and prays no one notices her too much. She never knows what might tip her ex off about her location, and she really doesn’t want to move again. When a sexy, mysterious man rescues her from her ex, she finds hope in him, but is she just exchanging one danger for another?

Can Ben trust Fiona with his secrets? Or will his desire for her get them both killed?

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All Harper is focused on is getting through the next week. The anniversary of her ex-fiancé leaving her at the altar, white dress and all, isn’t one she wanted to celebrate. Could a chance encounter have her rethinking her priorities and opening her heart?

When a beautiful woman smacks into Domino on the street, the last thing he expected was to find his mate. His bear knew right away, even though he would rather not admit it. When Harper’s newly adopted dog goes missing and accidentally causes a clash with a mage it could force his secret into the open.

Can Harper accept Domino for who he is? Or will she shield her fragile heart from potential pain and walk away?

Next Release: Woman of Midnight








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